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“Inspiring people to push themselves beyond their limits.”

“We all struggle with something. And the worst part about any struggle we face is that struggles have the power to wear away at our drive and motivation. Sometimes we feel so defeated that we want to quit. We wonder why we’re being punished. Why are we so unlucky? Why is it so difficult? Why not me? But that ‘s when we have to dig deepest and find that inner strength to keep fighting. Because struggle is not about being unlucky or being punished. It’s about developing a strength that will build the fire from the ashes.

So don’t fall victim to the struggle.

Embrace the struggle.

And then rise above the struggle … Because you can. I know, because I’ve seen it happen.

I’ve risen above it.

I’ve seen others rise above it and reach the elevation of their success.

And that elevation of success lies within the power of our minds. The mind is an amazing tool. And when we use our minds strategically, we can embrace any struggle and transform it from a source of frustration to a source of motivation.

And then, when we can use that motivation along with the essential strategies for productivity, we will maximize our potential and achieve all that we aspire to do.

Motivation. Strategies. Success” – Marc Williams

Marc Williams is a high-powered, energetic, motivational speaker who teaches audiences and mentees how to use the power of our mentality and the strategies of productivity to “rise and beyond” our struggles. He has mentored and uplifted audiences to achieve the success they aspire to attain. With nearly twenty years of experience in education, he specializes in mentoring and speaking to young audiences, both students and young professionals, but the content of his message is valuable and inspirational to audiences of all ages, professions, and interests.

Marc Williams, CC
Motivational Speaker
Speech Coach
Educator and Education Consultant


I’m reading an amazing book, Beyond Limitations by Marc Williams. His life of rising above circumstances and making choices to re-write his story to become a man who helps and loves others is inspirational. This book has enhanced my appreciation for my family, friends and people along the way who have helped me re-write my own life story.
– Cathey Armillas

In his book, “Beyond Limitations”, Marc Williams lays the foundation for his reader to grasp his hopes and dreams, and make them into a tangible reality. By telling his life story through several accounts of his impoverished childhood as a kid in the projects of Brownsville, Brooklyn, he gave a shocking account of his life’s struggles. Never in my worst dreams have I experienced the terrors of inner city life such as running home to your apartment after school to avoid getting robbed or shot by local gang members. Yet, having experienced some of the same atrocities of having to deal with an alcoholic parent for the majority of my life, I found courage in his wisdom to make life’s most difficult moments into events that we can learn from. This book has taught me that true motivation lies within our fears of what we do not out of life. His book has inspired me to a degree to which no other person, save my own mother, has done for the past decade. By reading his book, I have found the motivation to reignite my passion to become a medical doctor to become a shining, inspiring light for individuals from low income families like my own to try their best to move ahead in life, and to provide accessible and affordable health care for all.

– Samuel Banya

I bought your book at the conference and immediately read it the following day. I could not stop. There was a lot of crying on the first few chapters. But it was a good cry. I think I jokingly told you to sign the book so I can sell it at ebay eventually. NEVER! The book will make its way to the Philippines so that my nephews and nieces can read it. There are a lot of nuggets of wisdom that they can learn from the book that their own auntie learned. Thank you very much for writing the book. It is truly inspiring. I have borrowed your saying – “Have a safe, pleasant and positive day!” I must say it has done wonders for me. Hopefully the recipients feel the same way.

– Imelda Guevara-Araja